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Generally agreed.

Posted by Hajduk on Saturday, September 19 2020 at 5:11:35PM
In reply to Real women as feminists? posted by manbot on Friday, September 18 2020 at 11:55:26AM

Among the women I know, it's been women who are explicitly feminist who I've seen to say the most ignorant and closed minded statements about GLers (and CL in general). Socially conservative women do tend to be worried about girls (children, but let's keep it simple) assuming adult responsibilities and consequences they may not yet be ready for, which of course results in them being negatively inclined about early sexual activity; and all the more so the more partners the child has. But it's also them who welcome the positive influences of adults on their kids and encourage those intergenerational links. Instead of interpreting all male adult interest in children as a manifestation of personal arrested development or of social and cultural patriarchy.

I don't know how anyone cannot see it; not even by personal experience, but by how it's feminists and social progressives who are most up in arms against underage pregnancy and marriage -- which are the obvious manifestations of underage sexual activity.

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