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re Are we predominantly Right or Left here sociall

Posted by griffith on Thursday, September 24 2020 at 05:50:36AM
In reply to Are we predominantly Right or Left here socially? posted by Dissident on Thursday, September 24 2020 at 04:39:32AM

In short, it all depends on what context these people are referring to when they say, or have said, GC either swings mostly Right or Left.

True. One of my messages, "Adult women are mostly repulsive to me", was a reaction to Human's many messages (which NFiH did not see). Many? Yes, there was a long thread on this subject at VoA, and Human was very active in that thread -- so it was at VoA, not here.

Hello Human! I helped you to get to GC, and I have nothing against you, but it annoyed me that you seemed to adore feminists. I have a feminist fried, but I cannot think that feminism is an answer to the problems of pedophiles. Quite the contrary!


I am a Leftist, so it would be nice to see you more often here, Dissident, so I wuuld not feel so lonely.


It is hard to type, when your fingernails are too long again, and when you have opened your first Long Drink bottles after a 4 month pause. Dissident, I have now published one... (censored, or as Lysander would say, redacted). No reason to be too open-minded. It's a novel anyway, and the second one is coming later. But I still have the right to change them, who can say that I haven't, and this is to NFiH: how can I combine there two, the Secret Hole port, and the Inner Nest port?)

I hope NFiH could get a copy of that, but what would be the use... he would only understand some English or Chinese words


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