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Posted by Human on Tuesday, September 29 2020 at 0:33:29PM
In reply to Hi, Human! posted by Dissident on Saturday, September 26 2020 at 2:26:20PM

Thanks for the warm reply!

'I usually try to keep the economic side of that out of general discussion save where absolutely necessary to avoid heated arguments with the Libertarians here, since many are friends and comrades in a much more on-topic struggle essential to this particular community.

You are absolutely right, though I find this hard since these views seem to be tied up with my CL-related views.

As for the rest about salvaging terms, I agree on the whole. But for me, 'feminism' is just a sub-group within egalitarianism. There are indeed those who besmirch certain words that pertain to an ideology or way of living, I usually opt to assert the 'pure' meaning of a word. There are many times I mention the fact that I'm a Marxist, but then have to explain that this isn't what people think it means. One can agree with the Marxist critique of capitalism, and not conclude that communism is the answer. There are also those who claim to be Marxist, but know nothing of the materialist conception of history or the labour theory of value (for example). Conversely, there are those who famously criticise it despite having absolutely no clue as to what it even means (see J Peterson).

There are, however, genuine Marxists I profoundly disagree with, and Marxists I agree with very much. People opposed to certain ideologies often can't separate the sub-groups within these ideologies, despite the fact that many factions within a faction are so opposed to each other that they may as well be different ideologies. For example, society likes to group child-molesters and child-lovers together, despite the fact that the two couldn't be more different. This is the point I try to make to people about feminism, but it doesn't seem to work.

Maybe I'm just wrong, and in fact, feminism (in its entirety) is inherently evil, but I'm yet to see it. Regardless, I can understand the emotional hatred a lot of people have here for feminism, given the damage a certain strand of it has done to us (the type you refer to).

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