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Hi, Human!

Posted by Dissident on Saturday, September 26 2020 at 2:26:20PM
In reply to Hey Dissident, posted by Human on Friday, September 25 2020 at 10:31:53AM

It's nice to meet you also, and it's nice to see that my reputation evidently precedes me--well, sometimes it's nice, that is, depending on the context LOL! Anyway, thank you for the greeting and introduction.

Yes, I am one of the socialists and Marxists around the CL community, but I usually try to keep the economic side of that out of general discussion save where absolutely necessary to avoid heated arguments with the Libertarians here, since many are friends and comrades in a much more on-topic struggle essential to this particular community.

Very good. I've tried to make this point many times to people who are fiercely anti-feminist here (but mainly at VoA). I maintain that it is wholly inadequate to group all feminists together and this is the point I continually make.

Yes, this is quite a problem, but those mainly (albeit not entirely) at fault for it are the authoritarian agenda-mongers who co-opted the term by the 1980s and then went on over the next few decades to drag it through the dirt. This is why IMO the term "Egalitarian" used by some (including me) better illustrates what we stand for, as it is the natural heir of what first and second wave feminism stood for in its time--unlike the "third wave feminists" and "radical feminists" who hi-jacked the term in an insidious strategical manner to turn progress into thinly veiled regression for their own purposes.

So, I guess the main question raised here is this one: considering what the organized misandrists have done to the term "feminist" in a manner similar to what agenda-ridden media moguls and politicians did to the term "pedophile", can that term be salvaged? The same concern arises around the terms "socialist" and "Marxist", both of which have been co-opted and applied to different, often conflicting, and too often outright regressive and authoritarian tendencies to sugar coat them and make them palatable to people who should never have supported them. As a result, opponents of what Marx and Engels actually proposed jumped on the "name game" bandwagon for their purposes, creating a perpetual Straw Man to use against advocates of an actual classless society, or even those social democrats who favor a regulated form of capitalism over the unregulated variety.

Can any of the above terms be salvaged? And considering the besmirching and rampant falsification of their original intended meanings, should the attempt at salvage be made, or should new terms that have less negative or confusing baggage ascribed to them take their place in the present? Well, speaking for myself, I can say that I personally prefer using "egalitarian" to "feminist" and sometimes even "Marxist" or "socialist," and "MAP" to "pedophile", since using any of the traditional words will create a series of conflicting reactions by many readers who attribute the agenda implied by these terms to something different than the author may have intended.

Do I ever come to VoA? I have on and off in the past, and I consider StarletLuver to be cherished friend, so I certainly will darken its doorway with my presence again in the future. However, I have had mixed experiences with various sets of regular posters there over the years, and my engagement with the MAP community started here 20 long years ago. So, I guess my heart is with GC just as yours is with VoA, despite appreciating what both boards have to offer the GL community :)


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