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We few Leftists here

Posted by Dissident on Thursday, September 24 2020 at 5:13:16PM
In reply to re Are we predominantly Right or Left here sociall posted by griffith on Thursday, September 24 2020 at 05:50:36AM

I have yet to meet Human, so I am not sure how he/she leans in terms of SJW-friendliness, and to be fair, it would depend on what interpretation of feminism he/she ascribes to--first and second wave are quite different from "third wave", which is pretty much just misandry and victim-mongering cloaked in a thin veneer of liberal legitimacy. However, their adept use of framing and bullying has enabled them to use a combination of emotional manipulation, mob mentality, and threats to take control of many academic departments and media outlets, and in the process seriously besmirch the Left in the eyes of everyone, including the traditional Left.

I fully agree that hate-mongering of any kind and setting up youths alongside women for Perpetual Victim status will not be the solution to the problem of MAPs, just like it isn't the solution for anyone else who wants a society based on free thinking/expression, freedom of speech, actual equality under the law, and due process.

As for the Libertarians here, if you stay away as much as possible from the topic of economics, and they do the same, and both we and them focus mostly on the issue of civil liberties, then we can make good allies with each other. And we need such an alliance to counter the authoritarian voices on both the extreme Right and Left.

I do indeed hope to stick around as long as my personal and professional situation allows, as always. I too have found it frustrating that the traditional Left is in relatively small numbers on GC compared to the Libertarians and sometimes the Authoritarian Left, but I gave you my two cents above on how we can get along better with the former even if it can be very difficult finding common ground with the latter for obvious reasons.

As for your eye trouble, I am not a doctor but I am hoping there is something an ophthalmologist can do to lesson your medical issue. I am not sure what treatments for glaucoma are available, but do talk to your doctor(s) for expert advice on that. I will be concerned so I will check back here with you, and do keep me updated.


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