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common ground?

Posted by manbot on Sunday, September 27 2020 at 1:30:52PM
In reply to manbot, posted by Human on Sunday, September 27 2020 at 07:00:50AM

>>Do you conceede that feminism implies no right for girls to their own bodies?

>I maintain that feminists who overlook the rights of little girls shoot themselves in the foot.

You don't even believe your own claims about feminism, or their implications. Rather than shooting yourself and your fellow feminists in the feet, why not find common ground with GLs?

>I criticise this sex-negative anti-youth type of feminism very much.

Except your criticism is non-existent and, were it not, young girls and the men loving them would still be left to suffer under feminism in any guise! See, for example, Hajduk's post, or Dissident's essays, which also mention sex-positive feminists, hostile to us and girls.

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