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Final reply,

Posted by Human on Wednesday, September 30 2020 at 06:51:34AM
In reply to human (reply 1) posted by manbot on Tuesday, September 29 2020 at 9:58:39PM

Your responses are becoming increasingly condescending and irrational. I've said what I wanted to say, yet you keep ignoring my valid points, and instead focus on irrelevant minute details. It seems you're not interested in a constructive discussion, but rather, just want to cry 'fallacy' and 'contradiction' at every opportunity, for daring to say 'not all feminism is evil'.

Anyone who knows anything about philosophy, knows that every argument contains contradictions, and only in-depth reasoning can resolve these tensions (to find the 'synthesis'). I'm fully aware of any contradiction you point out, and to me they're not fatal because I can easily resolve them. But you're not interested in finding out what I really think on the matter, so I won't waste our time any longer. We'll agree to disagree.

Take care.


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