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Are we predominantly Right or Left here socially?

Posted by Dissident on Thursday, September 24 2020 at 04:39:32AM
In reply to Someone somewhere else... posted by griffith on Wednesday, September 23 2020 at 00:19:44AM

To be honest, that will largely depend on how the person who said we are this or that, either now or in the past, happens to define those terms. And whether the person was referring to social and civil issues or economic.

Many on GC for many years now have been Libertarian (with a capital L). Economically, they swing very much in favor of the free market version of capitalism, i.e., the unregulated version, which is also common to conservative thinking. However, when it comes to both the realm of civil liberties and foreign policy related to war/imperialism/colonization, they swing very far from traditional conservatism and are largely in harmony with traditional progressive values. As such, they tend to have a strong disregard for any authoritarian encroachments on our personal lives, which puts them in strong opposition to the SJWs. And this often places them in alliance on civil issues with more traditional progressives and Marxists like myself, which are in similar opposition to SJW politics despite both the latter and conservative thinkers trying to affiliate SJWs with Marxism (how that happened is a whole topic unto itself).

Also, over the past decade the SJWs have worked so hard to make white hetero-men feel so unwelcome among what is considered by most media outlets to be the legitimate Left that many of them have been driven to the ranks of the Right, where they now see Trump as "representing" them and for feelings of perceived safety in numbers. This is similar to how genuinely progressive white men in a maximum security prison system may feel driven to join the ranks of white-identified gangs for protection, since that is how power politics often play out in such penitentiaries. I urge my fellow white hetero-males not to go that route, but I understand why they may feel compelled to do so.

Also, if the person who told you they feel GC is largely swinging "Right" these days happens to be an SJW or heavily sympathetic with the ideology, they will find anyone speaking egalitarian values or in any way critical of how men and male sexuality are treated in our society as aligning with "Right" thinking. I am sure you have noted that many anti-choice MAPs (I am not saying all!) often align with SJW and "radical feminist" thinking, taking it and trying to apply it to hypothetical MAP-girl relations much as they do to hetero man-woman relations.

And of course, many on the Right or Libertarian ways of thinking often equate social democrats and other genuine progressives on economic issues as total "pinkos", because they insist on conflating Marxism with both Leninism/Stalinism and liberal/regulated capitalism (as well as conflating those two together etc.).

In short, it all depends on what context these people are referring to when they say, or have said, GC either swings mostly Right or Left.

Also, thank you for welcoming me back, and I do try to visit as often as I can. Unfortunately, my personal and professional situation has been considerably different over the past few years as it was years earlier, and these factors coupled with periodic health issues have caused the hiatuses I am prone to in recent years. Nevertheless, the community is never far from my heart and mind, and I do try to visit and stick around as often as I can.


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