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first off, hi, blast from the past here

Posted by nihil_aeturnius on Thursday, October 01 2020 at 0:02:39PM
In reply to Are we predominantly Right or Left here socially? posted by Dissident on Thursday, September 24 2020 at 04:39:32AM

Secondly, "SJWs" are Marxist (btw Dissy im not a libertarian anymore just in case you were wondering), but that doesn't equate to the demonization of white men, nor does it equate to an anti-pedo stance, in fact, going by actual "SJW" theories it's the opposite (at most they'd argue white men are at the top of the shitheap compared to everyone else)

The actual critical theorists (Focault, Derrida, Althusser, Beauvoir and company) that SJW ideology emanates from were VERY pro-pedo and openly advocated for the lowering or abolition of the age of consent. The problem is not "SJW ideology" in the sense of analyzing power differentials, because the power differential that a GL might have over a LG is dwarfed by the power that her teachers, parents and the state have over them. The problem is good old fashioned Anglo-American puritanism (which gained global cultural hegemony in the 80s and 90s) , but adopting bits and pieces of critical theory to make it sound woke.

Read this:

"sexuality will no longer be a kind of behavior hedged in by precise prohibitions, but a kind of roaming danger, a sort of omnipresent phantom, a phantom that will be played out between men and women, children and adults, and possibly between adults themselves, etc. Sexuality will become a threat in all social relations, in all relations between members of different age groups, in all relations between individuals. It is on this shadow, this phantom, this fear that the authorities would try to get a grip through an apparently generous and, at least general, legislation and through a series of particular interventions that would probably be made by the legal institutions, with the support of the medical institutions. And what we will have there is a new regime for the supervision of sexuality; in the second half of the 20th century it may well be decriminalized, but only to appear in the form of a danger, a universal danger, and this represents a considerable change."

And this:

"Michel Foucault argued that children are able to give consent to sexual relations, saying that assuming “that a child is incapable of explaining what happened and was incapable of giving his consent are two abuses that are intolerable, quite unacceptable.”[2] Foucault, Sartre, and newspapers such as Libération and Le Monde each defended the idea of child-adult sexual relationships.[3]"

"Jean Danet adds that this crime without violence can be used by the state for political reasons, against "inconvenient" individuals: "Incitement of a minor to commit an immoral act, for example, can be used against social workers and teachers. (...) In 1976 in Nantes, a teacher was tried for inciting minors to immoral acts, when in fact what he had done was to supply contraceptives to the boys and girls in his charge"."

That sounds a lot like the current situation, doesnt it?

it's been so long though. I lurk sometimes though

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