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Hey, fellow blast from the past!

Posted by Dissident on Thursday, October 01 2020 at 9:39:00PM
In reply to first off, hi, blast from the past here posted by nihil_aeturnius on Thursday, October 01 2020 at 0:02:39PM

Good to see you again, mon! Glad to see you back and kicking with the community.

Secondly, "SJWs" are Marxist (btw Dissy im not a libertarian anymore just in case you were wondering), but that doesn't equate to the demonization of white men, nor does it equate to an anti-pedo stance, in fact, going by actual "SJW" theories it's the opposite (at most they'd argue white men are at the top of the shitheap compared to everyone else).

Are we perhaps using different definitions of Marxism and SJWs, since the latter have twisted the principles of Marx and Engels from one of promoting class unity to promoting divisions based on race, gender, and sexual orientation. That is twisting classical Marxism much as they do terms like "equality" and "freedom" (as I noted elsewhere in this thread. SJWs are in no way anti-capitalist, because they depend on powerful corporations to promote and defend their elitism.

As for SJWs only arguing that white male heteros are at the top of the shit heap? Not according to the numerous battles I have had with them on Twitter and elsewhere in the politicosphere. They talk as if white hetero males all inhabit palaces of glimmering gold and literally rule the world as a group.

The actual critical theorists (Focault, Derrida, Althusser, Beauvoir and company) that SJW ideology emanates from were VERY pro-pedo and openly advocated for the lowering or abolition of the age of consent. The problem is not "SJW ideology" in the sense of analyzing power differentials, because the power differential that a GL might have over a LG is dwarfed by the power that her teachers, parents and the state have over them. The problem is good old fashioned Anglo-American puritanism (which gained global cultural hegemony in the 80s and 90s) , but adopting bits and pieces of critical theory to make it sound woke.

Since SJWs strong promote the victim ideology, they have long, long since abandoned the open-mindedness of the critical theorists like Focault that you mentioned. They do as much pedo-bashing as any of their foes to the right of center. As for the puritanism you mentioned, they have adopted their own version of that.

Thank you for those excerpts/quotes. One thing they show is that SJWs have pretty much twisted a lot of the good stuff that came out of critical theory's open-minded analysis, much as they did with Marxism, liberty, justice, et al.

it's been so long though. I lurk sometimes though

Thank you for de-lurking. Do so more often :)


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