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re: Griffith,

Posted by griffith on Saturday, September 26 2020 at 01:03:27AM
In reply to Griffith, posted by Human on Friday, September 25 2020 at 10:16:50AM

I don't know how to answer and what I should say. I understand very well that when you were debating at VoA, your opinions looked stricter than they are. This is very common when two people with opposite opinions begin to debate: if a person A is a rightist and the person B is a leftist, A's opinions become even more rightist in the course of the debate, and B's opinions become even more leftist.

This happened to me in my GC message: "Women are mostly repulsive to me."

In general I am unwilling to participate any debates, or even serious conversations, and it is easy to get along with me, if you don't offend me, and as I get older, this trait is getting even more visible (see? I have left even Ethan Edwards alone in the last few years).


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