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Here is the context, my friend

Posted by Dissident on Tuesday, September 22 2020 at 6:07:44PM
In reply to Progressives? posted by griffith on Saturday, September 19 2020 at 7:08:39PM

You know that I too am very progressive. And I think GC is, for the most part, extremely progressive in terms of social libertarian values. However, let us consider that SJWs and related extremists and reactionaries who claim to be on the Left have taken up the mantle of "progressive", much as they have with "feminism". Of course, they are in no way truly progressive as the word is traditionally defined, and are often called the Authoritarian Left for that reason. However, they have besmirched the progressive ideology by association, and to be honest, many moderate conservatives and Libertarians(with a capital L) who oppose traditional progressive ideology on issues of economics but not usually civil liberties (only social conservatives & and the more reactionary manifestations of the Right do that) have taken advantage of this to pigeon-hole that type of non-libertarian behavior commonly exhibited by SJWs to be social progressivism in its current form.

Of course, it is not. Though it's understandable and to be expected that moderate but reasonably compassionate conservatives and Libertarians will disagree with progressives on economic issues, we can and should come to agreement on civil libertarian issues. Genuine, traditional progressives are nothing like SJWs on social issues, but the latter have taken all of our jargon and used it to attempt to legitimize an authoritarian ideology as legit Leftist or liberalism. Or, it can equally be interpreted that the SJWs represent progressivism and Leftism taken to their illogical extremes, which throws civil libertarian values out the window in favor of reactionary policies that any dictator would be proud of.

It should also be noted that contrary to what many SJWs claim when throwing out their rhetoric against the "patriarchy", they are not anti-capitalism at all (I am bringing this up just to make an important point). They support and glamorize any wealthy politician or big business outlet that promotes their preferred type of idenitarian politics, and have their asses kissed by politicians and corporations in turn, and that should be obvious to every non-SJW out there. This is only just beginning to change now that corporations are being forced to accept that the SJW form of identity politics alienates and openly insults large segments of their consumer base.


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