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What this might mainly tell us, tho...

Posted by Dissident on Sunday, January 23 2022 at 03:08:14AM
In reply to Adults: male or female? posted by luckless on Saturday, January 22 2022 at 10:59:30AM that boys are around adult men alone much more often than girls are. Hence, girls have considerably less opportunities to initiate. I recall several adult female mesophiles here in the past who said they initiated things with adult men when they were underage. Also, I think it highly dubious to suggest that so many male adults would have the nerve to initiate with underage girls in this type of climate. Contrary to popular misandrist belief, typically men are not uncontrollably horny to the point of being stupid, especially not in circumstances of this sort.

Hence, it's possible that the initial results are leaving out some important data concerning the specific type of social situations that the boy and girl respondents were in, or conflating circumstances that boys were in much more often than girls (or vice versa). This would be no different than the original Rind Report's initial conclusions that boys responded positively to sexual interaction with adults much more often than girls did without first taking into consideration that the early questions conflated circumstances involving mutually consensual and non-consensual contacts, which only proved that girls are subjected to genuinely abusive situations more often than boys are. However, when the questions were modified to cover only consensual contacts to the respondents, the results were "much more heterogenuous."

As much as I love and respect our BLer counterparts, part of the problem some of them have when analyzing results like this is a lack of concern for any potential inaccuracies or disparities in the initial research results that do not specifically involve boys. Hence, if the initial results are positive for boys to a great extent, they do not ask any questions as to why those same initial results may have differed for girls...which is what Rind et al. did and why they modified the questions to get at the root of that disparity and found out what it was.

Instead, too many BLer's are content with the results for the boys and report the initial results with disparity included for the girls with no questions asked. This is repeated by some old school researchers who care only about Man/Boy Love and have little interest in Man/Girl Love or any type of adult/youth love that does not involve specifically men and boys. Worse, this is sometimes used by the remaining BLer's who dislike GL as grounds for being prejudiced against their GLer counterparts and not promoting the rights of girls alongside the rights of boys, and even by some GLer's that want girls in particular to be coddled (by being denied some of their rights compared to boys).

Hence, I too would like to hear more experiences from heterosexual mesophiles* who had contact with adults while being AAMs**, since those I have heard often contradict those results and would thus beg for a re-evaluation of the questions much as Rind et al. did, which is to their credit as serious researchers that were not operating on a gender-based bias.

*mesophiles = young people with a preference for much older people, as coined by Dr. Michael Sato in a 2016 study.

**AAMs = Adult Attracted Minors, i.e., underage mesophiles.


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