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Posted by Eeyore on Friday, February 11 2022 at 04:46:06AM
In reply to The matter of relief posted by Dissident on Wednesday, February 09 2022 at 04:30:41AM

I will never be relieved we are not yet accepted, because these laws and this hysteria cause more oppression than any legitimate help or protection.

If you know me after all these years, and I always presume you do, I speak from only a personal perspective, as I sincerely hope you do as well. I have no problem with you or me or the many girl lovers who truly "get" the approach to this love. It's the millions of others who really don't. I mean, do we lay it bare and admit the things that this place has discerned over the years has maybe made its way to perhaps hundreds or even a thousand other girl lovers with a penchant for online discourse? Some of them surely have spread it beyond of course, but that's still a fraction of all who look at a young girl with lustful intent. THEY.. are not tuning in to US. And when I speak in general terms, I am admitting that I need to take THEM into account.

OTOH, I can not only tentatively agree with you about "how kids would become"... but I have personal experience in seeing how they tackle maturity once they realize you are willing to let them try to do so.

I would be all about the case-by-case basis of which you speak, provided it were possible.

Inclusive- The fact that the word "minor" is itself a suspicious word to me.. leaves me thinking "who else besides an adult" is attracted to said "minor"?? If it's a fellow "minor" then why does that even figure in?


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