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The matter of relief

Posted by Dissident on Wednesday, February 09 2022 at 04:30:41AM
In reply to Okay. Thanks for yor view. posted by Eeyore on Wednesday, February 09 2022 at 03:49:22AM

Hi, Eeyore. I just wanted to respond to this:

TBH, I see so much selfishness expressed today in adults, that I am actually somewhat relieved we are not yet accepted. I don't think it can be a success without first getting society to a place of caring more about others than themselves, and wow... from this point in time looking out upon society in general? That seems like quite a long way off.

I think, IMO, that is a bit of overcompensation for a legit concern. It's great that we love kids, but we should never take that to the point where we see them as incapable of the negative traits that adults have, including selfishness and manipulative behavior. I will never be relieved we are not yet accepted, because these laws and this hysteria cause more oppression than any legitimate help or protection. If kids were emancipated, they would exhibit the same gamut of traits as adults, and that would include acquiring power of their own, which some would abuse terribly.

In short, I do not believe kids would be at the mercy of adults if they became liberated as a demographic. Like all other things, I think the legit problem you mentioned can best be dealt with democratically, on the side of liberation, rather than with continued authoritarian measures--including the promise of merely temporary authoritarian measures. There has never been an instance in history where authoritarian measures were placed down by a powerful elite with a genuine intention of lifting them again after this or that was achieved.

This is why I stress that youth liberation needs to be achieved along with the emancipation of MAPs (for the record, I see that term is inclusive rather than "PC"). However, rather than simply keeping these destructive and very arbitrary laws more or less intact as they now are before youth liberation is achieved, the best interim solution IMO would be to treat every case of intergenerational sexual contact on a case-by-case basis, as was done successfully for a while in the Netherlands before pressure from the USA and UK put the kibosh on that. Just my two cents there.


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