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Okay. Thanks for yor view.

Posted by Eeyore on Wednesday, February 09 2022 at 03:49:22AM
In reply to What I believe posted by Stephen James on Tuesday, February 08 2022 at 04:56:11AM

Yes, imposing is a strong word. Still a little too strong to get away with in most of the public schools.

I understand what you are pointing out. However, that level of pressure you define is definitely not necessary for encouraging kids toward a pre-desired path.

As for your "full-gamut" idea.. I think that needs to be held back until they are old enough to be sure of who they are. "Who they are"... if we are going to be real anyway, will come about whether they first know how to define it or not.

Completely agreed about MAA's, or the new PC "MAP". The gatekeepers of both the left and the right are keeping that a total hot potato.

TBH, I see so much selfishness expressed today in adults, that I am actually somewhat relieved we are not yet accepted. I don't think it can be a success without first getting society to a place of caring more about others than themselves, and wow... from this point in time looking out upon society in general? That seems like quite a long way off.


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