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Posted by Dissident on Friday, February 11 2022 at 11:28:24PM
In reply to people-attracted-people-or-not-people posted by Eeyore on Friday, February 11 2022 at 04:46:06AM

If you know me after all these years, and I always presume you do, I speak from only a personal perspective, as I sincerely hope you do as well. I have no problem with you or me or the many girl lovers who truly "get" the approach to this love. It's the millions of others who really don't. I mean, do we lay it bare and admit the things that this place has discerned over the years has maybe made its way to perhaps hundreds or even a thousand other girl lovers with a penchant for online discourse? Some of them surely have spread it beyond of course, but that's still a fraction of all who look at a young girl with lustful intent. THEY.. are not tuning in to US. And when I speak in general terms, I am admitting that I need to take THEM into account.

I can certainly agree with some cause for concern here. However, being a proponent of civil libertartian values and egalitarian principles, I do not subscribe to mass distrust of my fellow human being, including teleiophiles or any possible genuine MAPs who may internalize the traits of the dominant latter community about lust rather than attraction encapsulated within and controlled by respect ("love" may be too strong a world, as it too has its dark sides). In short, I would never agree to penalize others, or society in general, for what many "might" do. We do not know how many people among millions are bad to that extent, and I am confident it's not a sizable chunk, at least not to the extent that we can deal with via empowered youths and a large amount of good people in both their camp and the MAP camp who can look out for the bad apples and deal with them/intervene reasonably whenever the need arises. And I do not see evidence among my fellow humans that suggests a youth liberated society where MAPs were similarly free would find the good people in every camp overwhelmed and hopelessly outnumbered by the bad apples among us to the point that we would be wishing for the "good old" authoritarian days again. There are indeed costs that come with freedom and democracy, no doubt, but IMO the benefits for society as a whole far outweigh authoritarian alternatives.

As for the word "minor", I too prefer to use terms like "youths" or even "kids" and "children" to that one for the same reasons you dislike it. I continue to use it only when making reference to a youth under 18 in direct relation to real world legal matters or their status along those lines that are relevant to a specific conversation.


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