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Positive reaction rate

Posted by kratt on Wednesday, January 26 2022 at 01:36:58AM
In reply to Hmmmmm posted by Hajduk on Tuesday, January 25 2022 at 4:51:02PM

"I hate simplistic explanations but most of mine are.

I don't believe girls are less likely to be AAM than boys. I believe there is more stigma for both girls and adult males than there is for boys with women or even adult males other than possible gay stigma."

Most of Filip30-s otherwise useful quotes were concentrated on minor-adult relations, not comparing them with peer relations (both minor-minor and adult-adult). But there are some:

"The data of the famous Kinsey-study also show that the trauma-view of current „CSA“-science is completely wrong:

„The study, using the Kinsey general (i.e., non-prison) sample, examined reactions to frst postpubertal vaginal intercourse, which could have occurred as a minor with a peer, a minor with an adult, or an adult with another adult. In the minor-adult group, reaction data were available for n=834 cases. Participants were asked how much they enjoyed the experience, with “much” (the top scale value) being used to indicate a positive reaction. They were also asked if they experienced any emotionally negative response such as fear, disgust, or shock—if they endorsed any, they were considered to have had an emotionally negative reaction. Males reacted positively more often than females in all three ageclass groups, with large efect sizes in the frst two: minorpeer, 60% vs. 12% (OR=10.91); minor-adult, 41% vs. 13% (OR=4.69); and adult-adult, 41% vs. 18% (OR=3.16). Rates of emotionally negative reactions were low across age-class groups and did not difer by gender. The male-versus-female rates were: minor-peer, 13% versus 20%; minor-adult, 22% vs. 17%; and adult-adult, 13% versus 17%. When minors were divided into those aged 15–17 and those 14 and younger, it was found that boys 14 and under having intercourse with women had nominally the highest rate of positive reactions (63%)—their rate of emotionally negative reactions was 15%. In short, though popular and most professional opinion would have expected minors with adults to react substantially more poorly to this experience than adults with other adults, for example, they reacted similarly.“ (p. 3)"

Both males and females are majority heterosexual; but females are more selective. Which means that a lot of time, the female is unenthusiastically giving to a male she is not particularly hot for - and this applies to all age groups.

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