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Wokeness as akin to a religion

Posted by Dissident on Saturday, January 29 2022 at 4:45:11PM
In reply to Reply posted by Butterfly Kisses on Thursday, January 27 2022 at 11:13:30PM

I've seen some on the left go against the woke culture. Kerri Smith from unsafe space comes to mind quickest.

And me! Because "wokeness" is very antithetical to the civil libertarian values of the classical Left. The Left has a potential dark side that we need to be wary of, and once the Left gained power on a cultural level, it unfortunately took power all the way.

But, it seems to be quickly adopted by the left. Including many of the pedophiles on some boards who are leftists, but now mostly wokeists. Why do you think that is?

A few notable reasons:

1. It satisfies the anger in a lot of people, particularly those with a few specific personality traits and emotional issues. Any group of people do not tend to handle disproportionate power well once they receive it, particularly those with the issues I mentioned. Once the Left won on a cultural level and achieved power, their traditional respect for civil liberties, freedom, and genuine equality between all people went out the door since these tenets now threatened their power. They can now hide behind the common tenets of the Left while actually trampling all over civil liberties.

2. It's the perfect way for angry and entitled individuals to seek revenge on a convenient scapegoat while pretending to be heroes and standing behind an altruistic facade at the same time. Much like antis. You will note the great similarities between "wokeness" and antis--all fueled by emotion and a mob mentality, without having to be concerned about facts and empirical data.

3. They are heavily promoted by many elements of the capitalist class because "wokeness" focuses only half-heartedly, at best, on class issues and instead promotes issues that divides the majority of people against each other based on innate physical characteristics or religious choice. Libertarians, despite their support for capitalism, have mostly avoided falling for the "woke" bullshit because they take civil liberties and notions of equality on a political and legal level far more seriously than the post-1970s Left do, and typically have more courage.

4. Many on the classical Left are frankly terrified of the "woke" bullies and feel the need to both tolerate and acquiesce to them rather than defy them and risk being "canceled" or having the mob turn on them and cost them their jobs, reputation, social media platforms, and peace of mind. It really, really hurts anyone on the Left to be called things like "racist", "misogynist", "transphobes", or "Nazis" etc so they have developed an extreme fear of putting themselves in the position of being called these things. The "woke" crowd has taken over most of social media and legacy media (save for traditionally conservative and Libertarian outlets) and even the military and intelligence agencies are embracing them, so the classic Left finds themselves outgunned and vulnerable. It takes the type of courage that the majority of them do not have to openly defy such a foe, despite the destruction that this loud, bullying minority is wreaking on them.

However, the main reason the "woke" crowd has so much power on social media, in academia, in the government, and at the HR departments in corporations is because their administrations and the classic Left allows them to without heavy resistance. This shows how a mob can consist of a loud, vocal, and emotionally volatile minority that silences a numerical majority. Mob rule is by no means limited to a numerical majority.

Kerri Smith said she thought it was because it was close to a religion and the left are less religious so it filled that void. But, I am skeptical. While I have definitely seen woke libertarians I don't think it is as prevalent and libertarians are not very religious.

Here is the thing about religion. The various negative aspects of religion, specifically the political and authoritarian aspects that control people via emotional manipulation, can also take on secular forms. This is why the moral panics can manifest in the social zeitgeist as a paranoid fear of Satanic devil worshipers for the religious or as sex traffickers & snuff film producers for the non-religious. A system that creates all sorts of inequality is going to leave a lot of angry people who seek an outlet in the form of a strong system of belief that channels their anger into a desire for hatred that is in turn funneled into a "cause."

If channeled in a positive way that divests itself of hatred and judgement, this cause can be fulfilled on the secular side by a strong commitment to promoting civil libertarian ideals that seek to unite all people towards a common good and/or a positive spiritual side that promotes values of love and tolerance for all people. But on the negative side...well, we see how that manifests on either a secular or sectarian level. You will note how much, for instance, the Christian Right and the Leftist "woke" have in common on the authoritarian, judgmental side.

So, yes, I do see the "woke" mentality as the flip side of the mentality that plagues fundamentalist right-wing religions. Being an atheist or simply irreligious does not make one immune to this tendency, because it can manifest in fully secular forms and rationales.

I'm glad to see you against the woke narrative. I definitely think it is the biggest issue facing society today. It is just completely against being in harmony with others and I don't understand how more people don't see that.

As the societal fabric worsens, more and more people are being led by their emotions than rational thinking faculties. This goes for atheists on the Left as much as any deeply religious person on the Right. In fact, you will see the "woke" crowd being very hypocritical by defending and embracing conservative/fundamentalist Islam simply because it's considered a minority religion to Christianity in the West and because they conflate it with people of color in their minds. This is yet another example of how apparently "opposing" forms of fundamentalism have more in common with each other than they do with civil libertarian tenets.


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