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Pushing LGBT+

Posted by Dissident on Tuesday, January 25 2022 at 11:42:56PM
In reply to Hmmmmm posted by Hajduk on Tuesday, January 25 2022 at 4:51:02PM

And I agree with Eeyore that current society tends to push LGBT+ more than is prevalent.

As do I. The "woke" crowd that has taken over and compromised the Left, which is very prevalent on social media and Hollywood celebrity culture, routinely pushes "diversity" by demonizing heterosexuality, particularly male heterosexuality, and compelling many youths who consume that culture to appear more inclusive not by simply accepting those who are naturally LGBT+ on the merits of their individual character, but by pretending to be bi or at least "casually bi" etc themselves. This is much easier for girls to play off as they are naturally more fluid than males in terms of sensual appreciation (which is still not the same thing as sexual orientation or a pluralistic preference base).

There is quite a difference between sexual orientation/preference that is biologically innate and sexual behavior that is culturally influenced & sometimes mandated. Just as homosexuals and bisexuals were once pressured into pretending they were heterosexual, at times even engaging in a bit of overt heterosexual behavior, because their social reputations and career trajectories depended on it, now the predominance of authoritarian "woke" culture has caused the opposite situation to be the case. Now one feels compelled to modify their sexual behavior into something more broad than it may naturally be in order to be considered inclusive and to truly understand the LGBT+ experience. This includes girls feeling pressured into pushing their sensual fluidity to the max, irrespective of what their actual natural desires may be. So, they now try to make certain they have as many "girlfriends" as boyfriends for public show, even if they are not naturally bi or lesbian.

Is it any wonder why the authoritarian manifestations of the Left are causing a serious backlash in the form of the authoritarian Right to begin emerging?

Perhaps I should do an entire post on this.


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