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The cultural imposition question

Posted by Dissident on Wednesday, February 09 2022 at 04:14:37AM
In reply to Reply posted by Stephen James on Sunday, February 06 2022 at 3:49:58PM

First off, hey Stephen! And welcome to GC! It's great to see you here. And right after my return, too :)

I just wanted to respond to this:

We were talking about gayness. Are you saying that there is a concerted attempt to impose it on young people?

I won't speak for Eeyore, but if you asked me that question, I would reply: yes, definitely. Why? Because white, male, heterosexual are currently a trifecta of traits that, especially when combined into a single individual, are loathed by SJWs who are currently the dominant voice in the cultural narrative. They control Hollywood and pretty much the entire entertainment media, as well as most major social media platforms. They are the dark side of the Left, the result of what happened when it won the cultural war and then sought to keep the war going indefinitely by claiming the civil rights movement was just beginning. White male heterosexuals are their scapegoat of choice, much as blacks, homosexuals, and immigrants are for the extreme elements of the Right. The "woke", i.e., extreme Left are the twisted mirror image of the extreme Right.

Because of this ideological loathing of those traits, the neo-Left allege that the only way to stop white male heterosexuals--the "patriarchy"--from dominating the world and to establish the "woke" definition of "inclusivity" is to largely nullify these traits from anyone who holds power. It's not having disproportionate power in the form of money and property that is a problem to them; it's which immutable or religious demographic has that power. It's not actually a means to end the patriarchy, but to fill it with despots of another color, so to speak. Which would still leave the vast majority of people without such power, regardless of their immutable characteristics or choice of religion. Or to at least give more minorities the chance to play the role of despot, in a misguided belief it will elevate all people with their skin color, gender, and preference.

It's also yet another scheme to control human sexuality, and thus human behavior and choice, under the guise of protecting vulnerable people. Hence, we have the creation of the political LGBT+ entity, including the ever-popular non-binary specimen, as a trendy form of hip, cool, inclusive, and sexually "free" form of Left rebellion against the "patriarchy."

Btw, as I have said before, it's not a coincidence that the antis and "woke" are so similar. Both are comprised of control-crazy bullies who want not to end the status quo, but to preserve it under their own terms.

In short, it's about control under the guise of progressive evolution. Whether you support capitalism or not, it's silly to claim that the "woke" phenomenon is somehow opposed to the system, as its proponents sometimes proclaim and as supporters of capitalism on the Right often claim. Capitalists love the "woke" trend because it's yet another means of facilitating competition among the labor class. Competition is a necessary component of the system, something both its supporters and detractors can agree on (and we don't agree on much), and that competition must extend to the labor class itself.


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