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My remarks were not about LGBT.

Posted by Eeyore on Thursday, January 27 2022 at 03:31:10AM
In reply to Hmmmmm posted by Hajduk on Tuesday, January 25 2022 at 4:51:02PM

I have no problem whatsoever with people who are by nature, LGBT, in terms of acceptance of their identity and zero hatred of any kind.

I add an asterisk to that, because while I do believe they deserve a place in society free from fear, violence, hate, mockery, and lack of things like employment opportunities and ability to live an otherwise semi-normal life, I also do not believe they ought to be "normalized" nor have it be taught to children that this is just another normal lifestyle. And I struggle with the belief that neither is our own, even though I would equally assert that ALL of us nevertheless deserve to have our own places and "roles" in society. I mean, we can look around and quickly see that many kids are not receiving the necessary support and guidance in life which is necessary to become well-adjusted functioning adults, do we not? They certainly are being failed by many of or most of the school systems as well, no? Dare not critique masses pf clueless parents, however.

No... my remarks were against the feminist cancer which has run its course, that claims classic heterosexual male-ness is something to be avoided, shamed, intellectually derided, and institutionally squashed. Beyond that, it has mentally ill adherents who now attempt to insert the fight against it.. into things where adherents begin to find themselves fighting against nature itself, and against the very force of procreation. Follow their path to its end, and that is where it always and inevitably leads.


I want to see more of them, not less. They need to be forced to stop sticking a wrench into the gears of heterosexuality and procreation. If that offends any child lover, they need to reevaluate their claimed love of kids.


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