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Posted by Eeyore on Sunday, February 06 2022 at 4:44:41PM
In reply to Reply posted by Stephen James on Sunday, February 06 2022 at 3:49:58PM

Are you saying that there is a concerted attempt to impose it on young people?

I would say that it is being taught to very young children in many schools today that it is not merely okay, but good to be gay or bi, celebrated, glorified, and that if they really like their same-sex friends (like most young kids do almost exclusively and quite normally), then this either does or could mean that they are themselves gay or bisexual. I don't need to say I believe it is taking place, because it is taking place. There are countless documented stories of it taking place. Planting these ideas in their heads before their identity is formed is absolutely reckless in my opinion, possibly criminal.

To me, this looks like politically motivated aspirations on behalf of many teachers (get them while they are young), and presents many dangers to the psyches of young children, as does the promotion of ideas of transgenderism and sex change to kids. There is, to me, no place for teaching, molding, or persuading of how little kids identify sexually by schools, especially without the explicit informing or permission of parents, and even then I still believe it amounts to a mindfuck that children don't need to have to try to digest and figure out when they are still experimenting with who they are and what they like. Yes, hanging a label on them is wrong.

What they DO need to understand is the biology of sex and procreation, as well as how to identify what it means when someone wants to touch them, and that they have domain over their own bodies.

So enough of the one-sided interrogation. Tell us what you believe.

(And okay, well I have no way of knowing what you posted before. You must not be the one who posted the erotic video of a LG. I did believe you were scolded for breaking some rule in the past. I must have been wrong about that.)


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