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Normalize Transsexuals -- Normalize Transhumanism.

Posted by Eeyore on Sunday, January 30 2022 at 00:17:09AM
In reply to I essentilaly agree... posted by Dissident on Thursday, January 27 2022 at 4:20:22PM

Or, How I Learned To Smash Girl's Sports Records Before Smashing Civilization.

...back when the patriarchy was truly a patriarchy, the dominant men gave certain frills to women to offset their lack of economic, social, and political equality.

I'm so sure of this anymore except perhaps in the economic sense. I think the social aspect has always had many layers to it. What you see on the surface is not always what it seems, and women/females, from my perspective anyway, have always been far more skilled at pulling strings below the surface of what is generally seen in, shall we say, polite company. How many strong men have been reduced to nothingness by a heartless woman throughout history. How many plain or boring men have been pushed to greatness via a woman's support and confidence building?

Somewhere in this argument needs to be admitted their most important role in nature, which for the majority is nurturing the next generation of kids to being all the great things some here would instantly scoff at, because an ordered and civilized society is itself a joke and form of slavery. They truly believe this. I've lived among them.

Two-year-olds completely agree with that assessment, as they demonstrate very well in a grocery store when a parents tells them no. Baby wants what baby wants! But there are things every kid needs to be taught for the continuation of any society, and it seems to me as I look around in 2022, that demeaning the preference of motherhood and raising kids as something unimportant or inferior, once again a feminist-rooted ideology, is egocentric, self-centered, and self-destructive for anyone who buys into it.

Are there some women better suited to a career than being some mousey wife raising 12 kids? Absolutely. Are some well-equipped for politics in terms of decisiveness and the ability to attract the reverence and even fear of other male political leaders? History already tells us yes.

On the other hand, Dissident, I think women have always had a lot more power behind the scenes than what we are told by some groups over the last century. So while I can agree with you than many men used to be dicks about it when they felt control, the truth as you say, is a predicament of the human condition itself. Some people lust for power, no matter sex nor race, and when they feel they have it, they abuse it, proudly in fact!

Hetero men who embrace "woke" culture...

Yes, there are many millions of them, mostly white males, being indoctrinated from kindergarten through university level to assist in destroying every single last vestige of traditions and to hate themselves to the point of self-destruction, because that is what is needed to turn any society on its head, to raise it all to the ground in order to build anew some wicked dystopic dream world that lives only in the theoretical minds of academics and the collectively psychopathic minds of wrinkly old prunes living in the drafty old castles of Europe. Or that's how I see it today, anywho.

I'm not sure of your definition of "youth liberated world" anymore. I know you were always big on them being able to earn money by choice, but what does it mean in terms of them learning how to function in the world? Does it mean parents teaching them what to look out for? Does it mean us, the people who love them? Or does it mean the approaching technocratic matrix that intends to absorb everybody by training them to actually demand their enslavement via things like social credit scores, where you can no longer even take a shit without it being analyzed to see if you are being a good unit? Because that's what I see approaching. Those same schools you claim have hijacked your traditional Marxism with their woke insanity are training them to accept all of this crap. You surely see what draconian fascism is taking root outside the US. So what exactly do you mean by youth liberation? My view at this moment is, you "liberate" children and they are immediately consumed by all the flashy things that big power structures know will draw a child to their will like a moth to a citronella candle on a summer evening.

Trying to artificially enhance the latter's numbers by considerable means via authoritarian imposition does not create social justice in any true civil libertarian definition of the concept. It only imposes a type of unnatural "dominance" that was created by societal culture, not nature, and it has nothing to do with either innate feelings or freedom of choice.

Well, I am glad you oppose it, but do you consciously fight against it? Because there are many millions of zombies who will instantly claim that you simply hate LGBT's if you try to. Are you willing to accept that heat? And this is not simply by chance, by the way. It is by DESIGN, to ruin the entire West. All of these groomed puppet Bilderberg grads are attacking their own countries on every level.. teaching identity crises to kids, fueling racial conflict, obstructing supply lines, grocery shortages, imposing climate change penalties only on the West, training people to stay locked down forever.. Do YOU see any of this? Do you understand there are individuals so wealthy today that they believe they have the right to enslave billions, to eliminate billions according to their preference? Do you see them calculating to tighten a noose around a nuclear armed Russia, because Russia won't play the global game and has IMMENSE resources that make them salivate? Have you seen what their country is doing to try and block the degenerating culture of the West? I highly suggest you look if you haven't already.

It's a bigger interconnected issue that even I can comprehend, but one thing I CAN do is speak out harshly against what these former schools have become: INDOCTRINATION CAMPS. They are filling young minds with confusion about their identities, hatred of themselves and all their ancestors and all their traditions, and trying to turn them into good little woke soldiers to smash it all.

And we have people even around here, still stuck in the Left vs. Right mindset. There are individuals so bloody powerful now that political sides are merely something to be played and toyed with, and masses of people with heads in their asses trying to support one or the other as the true villains just giggle.

And I guess I'm saying that we here at GC must correct the entire world!

Ugh. The world is in a massive flushing toilet bowl, and I wanna throw life preservers to LG's. I dunno anymore, Diss. People need to do what they think is best for the kids they love.


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