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Still do not get it?Nathan Larson?Anybody?

Posted by starlet_Luver on Thursday, January 05 2023 at 6:33:16PM
In reply to I like him, pending investigation. posted by LGsouL on Thursday, January 05 2023 at 10:25:00AM

Nathan Larson/Lysander@BC/Leucosticte@GC.... 

......was the same as this TATE monster, and many here at GirlChat had (or appear to still have) that weak need and said the same....He is MONSTER, BUT......

WoW, just WoW!!!! 

Although a change in LGsoul is slightly complex, it should be noted because that is how gradual pain works and grows.  

Anyhow, history on repeat will put a stop to history itself...and yet we have those who still do not get it  :(


This has never been or will ever be about politics for me. Those who see with their eyes that are not attached to their pain or hatred will clearly see what this is about. 

To answer an old question that I did not answer 2 yrs ago,

YES Trump is a MONSTER. I have said 2 yrs ago that monsters have the power to create other monsters.... this is on full display in the House of Congress on your TV set today.  


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