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I can agree with this

Posted by Dissident on Thursday, January 26 2023 at 1:48:46PM
In reply to Neutral? posted by Butterfly Kisses on Wednesday, January 18 2023 at 01:49:10AM

"It's always interesting to me the people that wear it as a badge of honor to claim they are politically neutral, while only ever attacking one side and frequently. Then when debated quickly try to hide under a banner of I don't actually care about politics I don't like discussing it etc. They really want you to know their neutral too. Except of course they are not."

Yes, I have noticed this. Too many people insist on picking a side between one set of plutocrats and another, because they think that one side represents some ideology that they support. The two main parties and their donors care nothing for anyone in the labor class, and to them business always comes before some "petty" ideology.

"If it was just a choice between Trump and Biden it would be to me like asking if I want brain cancer or stomach cancer? Is there a choice?"

There is something called the Trump Derangement Syndrome that makes too many left-leaning folks insisting that Trump is worse than any Democrat could ever possibly be. The fact that both very obviously serves the same wealthy class of people is overlooked because of what Trump, and Republicans in general, have come to represent to them from a *cultural*, i.e., personal, standpoint.

Both political parties support endless war for the military industrial complex, both support the continuation of the status quo we are familiar with, and both support censorship. Neither main party offers a "better" or more democratic choice. Those who insist otherwise do so because they allowed the practical to be replaced by personal animosity towards Trump.


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