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Posted by Butterfly Kisses on Wednesday, January 18 2023 at 01:49:10AM
In reply to This is why I do not agree posted by Dissident on Monday, January 16 2023 at 4:52:10PM

It's always interesting to me the people that wear it as a badge of honor to claim they are politically neutral, while only ever attacking one side and frequently. Then when debated quickly try to hide under a banner of I don't actually care about politics I don't like discussing it etc. They really want you to know their neutral too. Except of course they are not.

As for me as everyone knows I am libertarian. I have voted mostly libertarian, sometimes republican, with two 2 times a democrat. Just whoever I believe will lead to the most freedom for people. But, I certainly wouldn't claim to be politically neutral while only espousing positions from the right. That just looks silly.

If it was just a choice between Trump and Biden it would be to me like asking if I want brain cancer or stomach cancer? Is there a choice?

I remember when he was first in the primaries and someone asked if I was voting for him because he loves freedom. I just responded he tweeted that he wanted to make burning the American flag illegal. Does someone who wants to make something that hurts no one illegal sound freedom loving to you?

At that time a lot of press from Europe ran the hate Trump train and rightfully covered that flag comment. I remember a German being particularly angry saying that he was following the path of the Nazis. Amusingly enough Germany banned burning the German flag in 2019. Something which was barely covered and no one made a big deal out of it. I can't imagine it not being a big deal if the U.S. president of any party did that.

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