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This is why I do not agree

Posted by Dissident on Monday, January 16 2023 at 4:52:10PM
In reply to Reply posted by Stephen James on Friday, January 13 2023 at 01:37:47AM

Here is why Biden might even be worse. Like all the Democrats, he lies in worse ways than Trump. Trump is also a liar but he was honest enough to admit that he knows for a fact that politicians kowtow to anyone who gives them lots of money because *he* has done that. The Democrats continue to deny this despite all the pro-labor legislation they routinely promise and never bring to fruition or fight very hard for. They lie far more often and more effectively than Republicans because unlike the latter that is required to appeal to the labor class.

And as you noted, Trump didn't want to have a war, but he can be pushed into it by both Democrats and fellow Republicans. Biden is still escalating things by continuing to send lots and lots of money to Ukraine for this proxy war and has also been provoking China. He is a war-monger in the extreme, and willing to risk nuclear war and World War III for war profiteering. One thing that disturbs me even more about Democrats is how the only time that the liberal hosts of MSNBC ever said anything good about Trump was when he bowed to the pressure to start bombing Syria. They were ranting on and on about how "beautiful" the explosions looked and commended Trump for finally acting "presidential."

This is not to say I would ever support Trump or the Republicans. This is to say that I would never consider Biden or any Democrat a 'lesser evil' and support one of them just to keep Trump or some other Republican out of office.


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