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Posted by griffith on Monday, February 20 2023 at 2:36:58PM
In reply to Reply! posted by Dissident on Sunday, February 19 2023 at 9:53:55PM

You know that I am not a great admirer of the US, and I know what you mean by saying that America is by antagonizing other states. A couple of small examples.

I remember when the astronaut Buzz Aldrin said something to this effect: mankind will conquer Mars, and the United States must lead this expedition. I got angry. Why the US? Those people really flatter themselves. I almost hope that it is China who will lead the expedition -- though these days I don't trust China; I am increasingly suspicious of it.

I was also angered by America's treatment of Huawei and a few other companies, which threatened to become too powerful competitors for some American companies -- though nowadays I suspect that Huawei may really be a tool in the hands of the Chinese government.

And of course I remember Vietnam and El Salvador and all the other wars, and US policy in South America and Iraq (that did not have weapons of mass destruction after all, though Saddam was a sadistic dictator) and other parts of the world.

Still I feel that the current war is something different. I feel that the roles have changed and this time it is Russia (Putin's Russia) that is worse of these two. I feel that this war is more dangerous than any war for a long, long time. And I am quite sure that the US is not going to attack Europe, whereas Russia...

It is tiring for me to write long messages in English, because I am not sure about my language, so I just stop here.


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