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Posted by griffith on Saturday, February 18 2023 at 4:43:48PM
In reply to Yes, Really posted by Dissident on Saturday, February 18 2023 at 2:42:43PM

"to further antagonizing Russia and China into war"

And what would Putin's Russia and China do if they were not antagonized?

They would be doing the same as criminals would do if they were not antagonized, if there were no laws: they would commit more crimes.

Putin would invade Ukraine, then the Baltic countries, then maybe Finland.

China would invade Taiwan.

Without any antagonizing.

Now many Americans may find themselves thinking: what the fuck would it matter? Those are small, insignificant countries anyway, who cares about them? In other words many Americans, though they might hate their country and its imperialistic attitude, may still in reality only appreciate the great powers and disregard the small countries.

MASA -- make America small again.
MRSA -- make Russia small again.
MCSA -- make China small again.

--griffith, European--

and well... maybe in the future, MESA -- make Europe small again.

I'm not here to start any debate, let alone dispute, I spend all my energy, what little I have left, on that ambitious plan I have mentioned before. When my daily work is done, I just want entertain myself, not debate or dispute.


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