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This is what I saw

Posted by Dissident on Sunday, January 08 2023 at 01:13:38AM
In reply to You are seeing what YOU need to see... posted by starlet_Luver on Sunday, January 08 2023 at 00:24:59AM

"I am not a saint, nor am I perfect, but one thing I strive to be is consistent in my thoughts, which lead to my actions."

If that means holding onto principles and being against proto-fascism, then I again remind you that the Democrats are every bit as bad with that as the Republicans, and both serve the same world order. Yet it's always all about hating Trump, which implies that he is somehow "worse" than all the rest.

""This has never been or will ever be about politics for me. Those who see with their eyes that are not attached to their pain or hatred will clearly see what this is about.""

You said "Trump is a MONSTER" (emphasis yours). And that clearly seemed to imply that Biden *is not*. Hence, my pointt. That sounds like hatred for one plutocrat with no problem with another that is just as bad, and that certainly sounds like politics to me. My "hatred" is directed at ideologies, not specific people, and my desire for unity of labor is not about hatred at all.

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