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re Still do not get it? Nathan Larson? Anybody?

Posted by griffith on Friday, January 06 2023 at 6:07:30PM
In reply to Still do not get it?Nathan Larson?Anybody? posted by starlet_Luver on Thursday, January 05 2023 at 6:33:16PM

I have not followed this Tate thing much, but... yes, similar to Larson. A lost battle there.

Some thoughts.

Today I thought that young adult women (and teenagers) should really wear more covering clothes, not because their "sexiness" disturbs me, but because it is as disgusting to see scantily-clad women as it is to see scantily-clad homosexuals. Luckily I don't see many of those women in real life, only on the internet: some documents, news articles and ads.

This is one side of me. The other side comes here:

We will never gain any rights by going backwards, towards the past. It is doomed to fail. I'm not a believer, but here it feels appropriate to quote the Bible: “It is hard for you to kick against the pricks.”

We can only go forwards. It means that tomorrow will be worse for us than today... and after tomorrow comes the day after tomorrow, and then some people begin to see us a human beings and condemn the persecution against us. I have always thought this is inevitable and self-evident. All minorities who have sought for their rights have eventually got them.

But this is a very complicated question: the first step is that we are seen as human beings, and the second step... I honestly don't know if adult-child sex will someday be allowed in some form. Luckily it does not interest me any more, because I am old.

In the already distant past I had a different option in mind, I sometimes talked about it in an extremely covert, disguised and circuitous way, but became very disappointed because I noticed that only 1 (one) person was intelligent enough to understand me. The others did not understand a thing, not even jd420. I gave up, because I realized that it would be hopeless, and also because people did not understand me.

I have not opened any messages from a certain poster since December 3 or 4, and I will not open them. He does not exist to me.

I just know something: if your IQ were as high as mine, you would think much the same way as me. As an artist and an intellect I tend to be tolerant and forward-looking in my views, though as an old man I also have that grudge against the modern world.

If the person known as NFiH does not post here any more, I don't see much reason to dwell here. Did you know that as early as in 2003 and 2004 I thought that maybe it would be better to leave GC, all those Americans, but then noticed that in some respects NFiH and me were on the same wavelength, so we started correspondence, and he was one important reason why I have stayed here. In our emails we naturally used PGP and still spoke in very circuitous ways.

If he is gone, for whatever reason, I don't see any reason to be here. He disappeared the first time in 2017, so this time it does not feel as bad as then.

I have a good and humane board somewhere else, starletLuver. :=


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