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Robbing Ukranians of their free will

Posted by Butterfly Kisses on Saturday, March 19 2022 at 11:52:07PM
In reply to NATO close the SKYYY!! posted by Eeyore on Saturday, March 19 2022 at 9:42:05PM

Ukranians don't want Russia to take their country and tell them what to do. The west is supplying weapons to help them keep their freedom. Whether they choose to fight is up to them.

The US defense market is irrelevant to whether to whether it is right or wrong for Ukraine to defend itself.

Yep Europe was too busy being mad at Donald Trump to notice Russia taking bite sized portions out of countries for years. They got made that Trump asked them to raise their defense spending to protect against Russia. Still irrelevant to whether Ukraine has a right to defend itself. Or even if we should send weapons to make it easier for them to do so.

Are you sure he wants the west to go to war with Russia? Supplying weapons is not the same thing as declaring war. You sound like the teacher who says if you punch the bully when he takes the lunch money then it's your fault not the bully's.

Ukraine has a right to choose for themselves. If their people want to join NATO or Europe or whatever it is their right. That does not mean Russia gets the right to just start killing them and taking their country because they got offended at some action that an independent democracy did.

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