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NATO close the SKYYY!!

Posted by Eeyore on Saturday, March 19 2022 at 9:42:05PM
In reply to An emaciated girl posted by Plyushkin on Saturday, March 19 2022 at 0:28:56PM

Don't worry, the US is dumping even more Billions in weapons there to keep the bloodshed going as long as possible. Billions more in cash as well, so that the Clinton foundation and the Bidens and all the usual players can skim off the top from their clueless US citizens via another proxy war, using Ukrainians as cannon fodder. All while their stocks in Raytheon skyrocket.

Funny how you can go back to WWII for something that suits you, but have amnesia for 2014. Tells me you are little more than a MSM useful idiot slobbering up stories about nurseries and kindergartens being targeted the same way Saddam was said to be throwing premature infants out of incubators and onto the floor. Same stupid-ass propaganda, and it always works for the sheep.

Should have built up your own militaries over there, champ, instead of shirking your responsibility and using us for protection. Now you want the US to come in and start a nuclear holocaust for you? Get bent. You know how our politicians and the corporation that own them roll. Ukrainians are just more fodder to keep armed until there's nobody left, led by a glorified comedian puppet, and that's what you are going to get. I suggest you accept reality and just invest in weapons manufacturing.

Oh, and anyone engaging in arguments about Ukrainian girls vs. Russian girls is a complete dumbass and I hope they are ruthless laughed out of the GL community in any and all places. Only an autist would apply this conflict to segregating girls into worthy and unworthy. We all know how much gratification they get from organizing stuff into categories in order to calm the unordered chaos of their personal experience of life. Leave the girls out of it. Fucking morons.

• ( https link ) So give it a rest keyboard warrior:p

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