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My response

Posted by Dissident on Saturday, March 26 2022 at 7:55:27PM
In reply to I tend to believe this... posted by griffith on Saturday, March 26 2022 at 3:22:09PM

Besides it means nothing if he were a billionaire.

Yes, it does. For one, it shows how much he is influenced by making money and reacting to fiduciary influences. It means that his priorities and way of thinking are not remotely congruent with that of the people he rules over.

Russia did not attack Ukraine because of Zelensky's wealth.

I didn't say that. I said that is a very powerful indicator of where his priorities lie and what type of person he obviously is. And where his actual interests lie.

Russia did not attack Ukraine because there was an Azov Battalion in the eastern part of Ukraine.

Yet, again, it tells you much of the type of person Zelensky is, and the type of person the USA put into power after ousting a democratically elected president. That, in turn, tells you much of where his priorities lie and what tune he dances to.

All that is totally irrelevant.

No, it's not. Because these factors make it very obvious as to why Zelensky went along with the USA in provoking Russia into attacking. That doesn't justify Putin's actions, but it makes it clear there is no "good guy" or "innocent" in this situation among the powerful government elites in any of the three countries involved. Focusing solely on what Russia did, rather than why it did it, is a form of willful ignorance to rationalize viewing the whole situation in black and white and only being concerned about what one of the three players in this game is doing. It also willfully blinds you to the ramifications of the highly destructive war industry in the USA and the threat it poses to the entire world, the lengths to which it will go to profit off the backs of 99% of us in this world. And how the Russian people do not deserve the punitive measures of this war any more than the Ukrainian or American people do.

Putin attacked Ukraine because he is a dictator (who wants to follow the aggressive, expansive tradition of his country, wants to stay in power, and above all wants to "make Russia great again").

Yup, it's really that black and white, Griff, even simpler than a typical children's book that talks down to its intended audience. And this is in contrast to the USA, which has been doing the same type of thing for decades now, and has devastated Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, and Yemen and enabled Israel doing the same with the Palestinians--and all over the course of just two decades! Not to mention how it has used NATO for precisely that purpose, including bringing it right to the doorstep of Russia against the promises it made decades ago with the Minsk Accords.

But you don't care about any of that, because to your way of thinking, your chosen team can do no wrong even if it does all the same things as the team you decided you're against, and even if it poked the bear that is now going on a rampage through the camp killing innocents.

I am not willing to continue this discussion more.

That's good, old friend, because frankly you're only making yourself look silly and incredibly naive with this simplistic and tribalistic view of the situation. Glad I disappointed you by not doing the same, because I'd be concerned if I met your approval in this case.


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