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I tend to believe this...

Posted by griffith on Saturday, March 26 2022 at 3:22:09PM
In reply to Sorry that you're disappointed... posted by Dissident on Saturday, March 26 2022 at 2:47:12PM

Social media users—some with tens of thousands of followers—are now claiming that Zelenskyy’s net worth is anywhere from a hundred million dollars to $1.5 billion.

In reality, he’s likely worth a fraction of that. In his 2019 financial disclosure, Zelenskyy reported he was worth roughly 30 million Ukrainian—or nearly 1 million dollars. Several sources report that he’s now worth $1.5 million.

It’s not unheard of for heads of state to enrich themselves while in office, but there have been no credible reports that Zelenskyy has done so.

Some making such claims about Zelenskyy may simply be confusing him with his predecessor, who is a billionaire, or misreading “million” as “billion.”

Other estimates of his net worth appear to have been plucked out of thin air.

Besides it means nothing if he were a billionaire. Russia did not attack Ukraine because of Zelensky's wealth. Russia did not attack Ukraine because there was an Azov Battalion in the eastern part of Ukraine. All that is totally irrelevant. Putin attacked Ukraine because he is a dictator (who wants to follow the aggressive, expansive tradition of his country, wants to stay in power, and above all wants to "make Russia great again").

I am not willing to continue this discussion more.


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