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Best Korea Is Best Meme.

Posted by Eeyore on Saturday, March 26 2022 at 7:34:38PM
In reply to Net worth and politics posted by Hajduk on Saturday, March 26 2022 at 4:01:42PM

I no longer have the image except in my head, but it still makes me chuckle.

I'm wondering about the beginnings of Zelensky myself. Yes, he was a comedian and actor before politics. This seems to be turning into a pattern. It familiarizes the person to masses of people and makes them feel they know the person as a friend prior to their political career. What worries me is that this seems to be an easy method for any three-letter agency to follow an easy manual for creating lovable puppets.

Let's see if I am wrong. His content is now going to be streamed into American homes via Netflix -- a lovable character. If my hunches are correct, he will soon be Time's man of the year cover, be paraded around the Colbert late-night talk circuit, and be gifted the Nobel peace prize.

That would be the playbook I see for fabricating a hero that is owned by shadows. Like I said a few days ago, I am willing to wait and see and endure my unpopular views in the meantime. Of course, if he gets taken out by Russia (provided he is really even inside Ukraine), he will then be turned into a martyr. I believe he is more than likely being protected by western intelligence, so I don't see this so-called hit squad finding him or accessing him.


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