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Sorry that you're disappointed...

Posted by Dissident on Saturday, March 26 2022 at 2:47:12PM
In reply to Disappointed. Or what do you think, Sobakevich? nt posted by griffith on Saturday, March 26 2022 at 0:06:15PM

...for me telling it like it is and making it clear that there are no "good guys" among the three governments involved in this fiasco. Every time a war starts people begin letting their emotions do their thinking by picking sides without stopping to realize that war is all about money, not altruism or ideals. The losers are always the average people in each nation who are forced to fight these wars as soldiers and the innocent civilians among them who get blasted by military hardware or starved and impoverished by the economic sanctions that the biggest bullies on the planet lay down on them.

The USA wants a destructive but profitable war with Russia (a nuclear power, mind you!), they want to use NATO for its imperialist purposes, the social media corporations are censoring more and more alternative voices along with any voice that happens to be Russian, Zelensky is using Neo-Nazis in his milita and has already banned eleven opposing political parties, the USA is imposing harsh economic sanctions that are going to be crushing for average people in both the USA and Russia, and they initiate a coup in Ukraine to oust a democratically elected president and replace them with a friendly-to-American business billionaire like Zelensky to act as a puppet and imply that he might join NATO--against the Minsk Accords that the USA signed a few decades ago, mind you--which serves to poke the Russian bear and bring military hell down on his people.

And of course, the workers that are used and exploited by this system act as cheerleaders for the American and Ukrainian governments, treating it as a good vs. evil contest like you see in professional wrestling. Let's wake the hell up, people!

Yes, I support the Ukrainian citizens--just as I support the innocent American and Russian people. No, I do not think it was right for Putin to invade another nation--but no, I am not going to focus entirely on that one simple thing and ignore what that billionaire poltroon Zelensky and his American string-pullers did to provoke this disaster into happening. This is real life, a world order that runs on money with the war industry being one of the largest sources of revenue for the American economy--and hence, the global economy. Ignoring that is playing right into the hands of what the USA and its shills in government and business across the world are doing, and I've been telling you guys for years that we really need to control our emotions and think with our reasoning faculties. Thank the gods I'm disappointing people who are refusing to do that.

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