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Circumcision is worse than Rape. Prove me wrong.

Posted by GL_in_lyrics on Saturday, April 25 2020 at 8:56:12PM

In the name of Lola, the most beautiful, and Shaitan, the spiritual Sun....

Genital Mutilation, often referred to as “circumcision” under the guise of self-serving religion and feminism, is the following:

- Forced-sexual arousal (the penis particularly has to be in an erect-state when the said procedure is performed.

- Forced sexual pain and torture. (“Circumcision” is where sex and violence meet for the first time. Not to mention pain during recovery.)

- Sexual intimidation, humiliation, and power for the one performing the “procedure”.

- Permanent alteration of the genitals to an unnatural state. (The affects are always life-long and includes loss of sensation, pleasure, sensitivity, and even erectile dysfunction later in life.)

- Chances of botching and infection. (This is all too common. What isn’t uncommon is total loss of the genitals way beyond what was intended.)

- Risk of Death. (Also fairly common.)

There is much more that can be said. For more information, as well as references, you don’t have to look far, but I also recommend watching the “American Circumcision” film, which I believe is still available on various platforms, including Netflix.

The point I made in the title stands. Circumcision is worse than rape. I invite anyone to attempt to prove me wrong.

If "Circumcision" is indeed worse than rape, then you must concede, and at the very least -- admit that internationally more males are sexually abused than females. In fact, something worse than rape is happening to males!


“Smeagol” recently replied to me in another thread with the following:

It amazes me how vehemently many MAPs oppose feminism. Assuming that rape is inherent to the survival of the species is of course preposterous and not to be taken seriously, but where in the hell would women's voting rights not be a good thing? It's something that Jordan Peterson would say and the incels that follow him and suddenly find women at the same table they are. It's also diametrically opposed to youth liberation, especially girls, which is usually a spearpoint for the MAP community. I guess they feel that when man rules again the underaged girls become available again?

Regarding the first sentence:
Why should it surprise you that MAPs oppose feminism so strictly when it has been feminism largely fueling the crusade against them, and children?

Regarding the second sentence:
I never said that rape is necessary for the survival of humanity! You completely misunderstood my point regarding rape in nature, and in humanity’s past. But when giving women the right to murder their children and promote cutting up the penises of little boys becomes a reality when we give them (women) the right to vote, that’s my drawing line of when I begin to * question * their rights in entirety. I’m not saying they shouldn’t have any rights. I’m not saying feminism absolutely has no good points. However, feminism has proven itself to be so dangerous that I do * question * every idea it puts forth, that is, until humanity gets itself back on track and defeats this perverse form of terrorism.

Feminists are absolutely responsible for “circumcision” continuing today. I elaborated on this in my original post that “Smeagol” replied to. In fact, I will mention now that I’ve read about ancient matriarchal cultures in which male genital mutilation began. It certainly did not begin in Judaism (as ugly of a religion it is), and probably not in ancient Egypt, either. So “feminism”, as a concept, may be where male genital mutilation began!

Now explain to me how feminism isn’t dangerous – when some of the biggest and most well-known feminists – such as Hillary Clinton, and Oprah Winfrey, are VERY involved in male genital mutilation continuing, and when feminists left male children hanging out to dry when the female version of genital mutilation was made illegal, due to feminism, in the late 1990’s?

Indeed, male genital mutilation is a way to get revenge on males, cripple their sexuality, and permanently punish it. I’ll further mention that in so many ways, feminism is also a conspiracy against females. One of those ways is MALE genital mutilation as well! It’s been quite well studied that a “circumcised” penis results in much more friction during sexual intercourse. It’s dry-sex, and can physically hurt many women. I’ve personally heard many women complain about what was done to their male partners due to these reasons! Many women complain about the inability to achieve orgasm with “circumcised” men, and lots of men have complained about needing to “pull out” right before ejaculation if they are “circumcised!”. Feminism, and “circumcision” are about frustrating females, as well!

There are many more ways in which feminism is a cancerous movement destroying humanity. Others could elaborate, or I may do so more later.

Regarding the third sentence:
Incels? You’re bringing up incels now? Well, FYI, I am basically forced to be an “incel” due to being persecuted as a devoted girl-lover. I cannot have sex. My sexual rights are ruined, due to feminism’s curse on man (and child [and woman!]). I’m definitely an MRA, of a sort, and why is it that supposed feminists like yourself often have nothing to say about the rights of men? What about the toxic misandry polluting our culture today!? Your ilk conveniently ignore it altogether. It’s common not to get any acknowledgment when I bring up these topics!

Regarding the final two sentences:
When “man” “rules” again? Euh? I’m not expecting men to rule the world. I think women can, and should, often be leaders too. In fact, I’ve heard that there were female CEOs in the USA’s most anti-woman days. Funny, isn’t it? No, I don’t really think so. The truth is that females were NEVER persecuted in the West. Female oppression is largely a lie unless we’re talking about Africa or putrid Muzzie countries. EVERYONE, even men, had tough times in the past. But on an international scale, it’s mostly men running into issues today.

There will be no further discussion with you, “Smeagol”, unless you address most of, or all of, the points I’ve made here, especially pertaining to the rights of males.

And Lola and Shaitan know best, and may they guide us all, in the name of the sheer beauty of the little girl...

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