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Posted by GL_in_lyrics on Monday, April 27 2020 at 11:23:44AM
In reply to Circumcision is worse than Rape. Prove me wrong. posted by GL_in_lyrics on Saturday, April 25 2020 at 8:56:12PM

In the name of Lola, the most beautiful, and Shaitan, the spiritual Sun....

I believe Jews should have the same rights everyone else has. Yes, even if they are inferior young male pigs! Jewish boys should have the right to keep all of their penises. If they are a bit older and become informed of possible consequences of the procedure, then they should be allowed to get it done.

But, let's face it here. "Circumcision" is not just a snip, and certainly not just a "flesh wound". It removes part of the body, for crying out loud. And the part of the body being removed contains 80% of the penis' nerves! How ridiculous and demented to compare it to a "Flesh wound"! Even if I entertain for a second that is what it is, how would that make doing it to a non-consenting child right? Should we continue to allow Islamic Shit-ite perverts to give their children facial head-wounds to mourn the death of an Imam!?

Yes, you heard me! Religious tradition should not take precedence over the rights of another human being! That cannot be part of a secular society, and if it were, child marriage would also be very legal, and quite common.

But ANYONE who continues to do these things to children (torturing and mutilating them), or allows it to happen to them, belongs in prison, or worse. If WE belong in prison if we happen to look at certain pictures, imagine what people who physically torture children sexually with knives must deserve! If WE deserve rape if we indeed rape kids, imagine what circumcisers must deserve! It is, indeed, WORSE THAN RAPE.

And let's also face it. We have people here praising sickening biblical prophets, such as Moses. Read the Old Testament. Read the Qur'an. Read the Talmud. These scriptures PRAISE rape, in fact Moses was ordered BY "GOD" to organize the kidnappings, rapes, and murders of children! Not just genital mutilation. It's the same with prophet Mo Mo, and other prophets as well from biblical days. And if you believe that JESUS IS GOD, then it was HIM who not only condoned these things, but also ORDERED them. These people praising these "prophets" seem to indeed think that rape is a horrible thing. Maybe I should just not be bothered by, nor reply to, such hypocrites?

As for the penis needing to be erect during "circumcision", this is a common way of doing it. Intactvists frequently talk about it. But some people are just not educated at all. I believe up until recently there were some gruesome and horrifying videos on YT where this is how the procedure is done. But again, ignorance is bliss, I guess. Ignorance is also stupidity. Some people have NO CLUE that there are quite a few methods for "circumcising" another human being, even infants. This ignorance is comparable to lack of knowledge that there are quite a few different forms and degrees of FGM! Somewhat recently I did hear about newer methods for "circumcision" devices being experimented on African boys. But I'll admit I may have been wrong that the penis always needs to be erect during this Nazi-like form of torture and mutilation.

But I see that certain people here have ZERO argument against my claim.

So, Jews deserve rights, just not the right to practice many of their perverted traditions. And many people hate Jews. Most of those people also hate Nazis! How bizarre it is to compare hatred for Jews to Nazism. If everyone who hated Jews were a Nazi, this world would be exceptionally different than it is.

I am a girl-worshiper and Satanist first. Those are my only allegiances to anything political or religious. I see good and bad in everything else, even the most dangerous movement -- feminism. But I will continue to question even the good parts of it, due to its danger and harm on humanity.

And Lola and Shaitan know best, and may they guide us all, in the name of the sheer beauty of the little girl...

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