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The difference

Posted by DanielRumanos on Monday, April 27 2020 at 2:10:57PM
In reply to Nah posted by j_k on Monday, April 27 2020 at 1:45:27PM

I assume your post is meant as humor, and you thus make a good point, but just in case anyone takes it seriously...

There is a difference between being falsely judged due to the ignorance of society (Who cares? They are fools!) and actually being sick and insane. GL_in_lyrics has shown no actual interest in young girls. He seems obsessed with penises, hating religion and feminists (which he groups together in a bizarre conspiracy theory), and blaming others for his own failures in life. I at first felt sorry for the guy because he seemed to be suffering, but my attempt to help him was only met with insult. There are plenty of self-loathing incel discussion forums where he could find a home. I, for one, am tired of being associated with such people. Girl-Lovers are Giacomo Casanova and Errol Flynn, not whiney losers like this. We are the highest embodiment of life in this world -- that is why they call us "predators" (a creature at the top of the food chain, not the bottom). It is time we learned some pride and self respect.

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