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First things first.....

Posted by GL_in_lyrics on Monday, April 27 2020 at 8:15:13PM
In reply to Fallacies galore posted by Nadine on Monday, April 27 2020 at 6:17:40PM

Ad populum. Because people say it, it must be true. With that line of logic I could also say that, since the majority of people believe that we are child rapists, then we are. We both know that's not true.

No, see, you keep missing my points and taking them out of context, and I think you're doing it on purpose. You said that I believe circumcision is worse than rape, just because I say so. I made the point that other people believe it too. The issue here is NOT that they are right just because there is a group of people who believe it.

But isn't it interesting that society hates MAPs, and loves circumcision (yes, America does). By that logic, it would mean that we, and the intactivists, are the correct ones.

Scarecrow number 1. Let me let you in on a little secret... I'm not American. I couldn't give less of a shit about American politicians and celebrities. What I did call into question that night was your claim that the candidate you vote for is related to whether you're pro GM or not.

Nope, that's not what I said at all, and I went out of my way 2 or 3 times in that chat to make that clear. As I said there, and you ignored, I don't care who people vote for. I do, however, care about their intentions. IF they vote Killary, and go out of their way to defend her as a good person (like Lawrence Krauss and Richard Dawkins did, etc), and not simply a lesser evil, then that's where I bring a voter into question.

But Hillary is worse than Trump, sweetie, just like circumcision is worse than rape ;-)
As for the former in what I just said, we'll save that debate for another time...

Also, did you just assume I'm a girl? That's cute. Yeah, I guess my nickname could give that impression, can't really blame you for that...

I didn't assume it. I could be wrong, but I believe I've seen you admit to being female in the past, as well as to certain details about your past, which I won't mention here (for obvious reasons of privacy respect). What I do know is that the way you talk screams "woman" to me, and I've seen women argue this topic in the same way.

Then, wouldn't pushing for recognition of GM being a big problem be detrimental to the victims? They would have to deal with the same pressure rape victims today feel, according to what you say.

That's quite faulty logic. Are you saying we should continue to cut-up the penises of inferior-male pigs just so the ones it already happened to won't feel bad? I don't think you really believe that, but you seem to be saying I should, which is taking things way, way out of context.

It's also putting words into my mouth. For the record: I do not want ANYONE to feel bad for having altered genitals. If they like how their genitals look after having part of it removed, I'm GLAD! What I want is for them to stop forcing their sexual fetishes upon CHILDREN. Yes, you heard me. That includes pedophilia (even though it's not a fetish). It shouldn't be forced upon kids. And in regards to genital mutilation, this is why I've said quite a few times that it should be LEGAL to do on a consenting, informed individual.

I guess that means you either don't care about those issues or that your feelings about them aren't genuine and therefore your opinion shouldn't be taken into account.

Euh? Where did I post with rampant hate, or even care, about any of those topics, such as what I'm doing here? Where did I mouth you off for caring about any of those topics? It seems you're angry about me pushing this topic, sorry to say, I do believe because of personal issues you have deep down with males.

Ending genital mutilation and promoting pedophilia are issues I take to heart very dearly, and I have donated lots of money to both issues before.

what are you doing about people dying of COVID-19?

COVID-19 is an obvious nWo conspiracy of some sort, just like 9/11, and probably at least half of all major world events in history.

What are you doing about homeless people?

Meh. There's lots of people donating to that already. I've donated before, in a way. But children, pedophiles, and inferior-male pigs having their genitals cut-up need help more. There probably wouldn't be as many homeless if humanity started embracing love and compassion more. So, yeah.

What are you doing about poverty in third-world countries?

Donated thousands of dollars in the past. But as for today, show me a charity that doesn't 1) care about females over males, or 2) puts the needs of certain ethnic and/or religious groups over the needs of others, or 3) spends the money improperly, or 4) fund terrorism (as in the case of World Vision funding Al Qaeda Muz scummies).

What are you doing about child labor?

Not really as big a deal as it's made out to be, or even, not altogether necessarily a bad thing. Lots of people are trying to end this already. I'm neutral, I guess.

What are you doing about climate change?

Probably a scam, or at least, not really caused by humans. A definite nWo ploy to further tax the people, and definitely not all it's cracked up to be.

What are you doing about everything that's wrong in the world?

K? Now it just sounds like you expect me to be Jesus, but feel free to call me out again if you see me complaining about something else.

To end thing's off: I don't have any problem with you personally, so don't believe for a moment that I hate you or something. I only have a problem with this rhetoric of yours that I've been reading for a while now. You're free to hate my guts if you want, but I'm not looking for enemies here. And if you felt attacked or something while you were in chat the other night, then I apologize. I can get pretty pissed off when talking about these topics. And you're still welcome at VoA, despite what you might think.

I definitely do not hate you either, I want to like you. But it does feel like you're usually using twisted feminist logic, and it definitely feels like you're attacking me, even still.

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