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It sounds like.....

Posted by GL_in_lyrics on Sunday, April 26 2020 at 00:32:52AM
In reply to I had it done later posted by Frank on Sunday, April 26 2020 at 00:13:34AM

Some of the problems you experience today may be the result of the procedure. I've heard of increased sensitivity happening in some cases as well, especially to older males. There is no longer any foreskin to protect and cover the head.

I read some time ago about a man whose electronic cigarette exploded in his lap and he *had to* be circumcised as a result. His entire head would have been gone if he had been previously cut before this. The foreskin is protection.

Thank you for posting your experience. But, sorry to say, it sounds like you were a victim of the dick-cutting conspiracy. In almost all cases where cutting is "recommended", there are other ways and remedies around it. Phimosis is almost never a valid reason for cutting. There are other ways to treat this, and it's usually diagnosed in children whose foreskins are fused to their penis heads and NOT meant to be retracted. Indeed, the most common reason circumcision is needed is due to forced retractions that were not supposed to happen in the first place. And as far as feminism goes, I'd like to hear more about cases where *females* *have to* be cut as well, due to some kind of problem. I'm not saying this to be pro-FGM.... I hate FGM as well... but it is known that females produce more smegma than males, and suffer from more urinary tract infections than they do. In any drug store you can find entire aisles devoted to female hygiene. Yet the treatment for males is cutting up their penises. That's how much worth we have to society.

A cut penis is not cleaner by default - now a days we have soap, and water. And I've talked to women who say cut penises actually smell WORSE.

In "American Circumcision" an African woman tells her story of how she willingly had her labia and clitoris removed later in life, and is now experiencing sex better than ever. I don't know if she's just fooling herself or not. But the main point I have is that this sort of procedure, when done, has to be done on a consenting and educated individual.

The best cure for you, instead of cutting off part of your genitals, would probably have been to have a doctor instruct you on how to retract yourself in a warm bath, at maybe age 7. I don't know for sure, except to say that in 99.9% of cases it is not needed to cut off part of the male genitals, unless the genitals had already been damaged.

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