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The male response

Posted by DanielRumanos on Sunday, April 26 2020 at 06:52:06AM
In reply to Circumcision is worse than Rape. Prove me wrong. posted by GL_in_lyrics on Saturday, April 25 2020 at 8:56:12PM

"Incels? You’re bringing up incels now? Well, FYI, I am basically forced to be an “incel” due to being persecuted as a devoted girl-lover. I cannot have sex. My sexual rights are ruined, due to feminism’s curse on man"

*snipped* (pun intended)

Rubbish. There is minor emancipation, marriage with permission of a parent or judge, and other possible avenues. For most of human history, sex outside of marriage was illegal for everyone. It's just that for us it hasn't changed. No offense intended, but if you "cannot have sex", it is because you don't have the courage or wherewithal to exercise the rights you already have. Faint heart never won fair lady, old chap.

Also, you might want to stop swallowing the neo-Nazi propaganda. Because that's where all this anti-circumcision malarkey is coming from. Yes, I know it isn't exclusively a Jewish thing ("dem damn Mooslims do it too!", don't cha know), and that there are medical arguments both for and against it, but your "Judaism is an ugly religion" comment kind of gave it away.

Just stop it, my friend. I can tell that underneath it all, you are smarter and better than this. Even if you are right about feminists (and you have some definite points there, I agree), if men are MEN then we can deal with it. Men do not sit around crying that our rights have been taken away from us. We think and plan and fight and find a way to get what we want.

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