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Ridiculous misandry

Posted by GL_in_lyrics on Sunday, April 26 2020 at 11:43:55AM
In reply to The male response posted by DanielRumanos on Sunday, April 26 2020 at 06:52:06AM

In regards to your "snipped" snark, I am uncircumcised. That is the honest to Satan truth.

And yes, I do have many issues, including mental and physical ones. These no doubt affect my "courage" and self-esteem. But your assertion that pedophilia can still be safely practiced under certain situations is complete BS in regards to almost all places in the Western world, or nearly the entire world. What a joke. I wonder how it would go down if grown men were approaching LGs on the street for their hands in marriage, or asking their parents about it? Errrrrm?

I am not a neo-Nazi, of any kind. But if protecting children from having their genitals carved up is a symptom of neo-Nazism, then by all means, BE A NEO-NAZI!

But why is it that many Jews are Intactivists today? Are they, too, neo-Nazis, Mr. Daniel? Genital mutilation rates are declining among Jews, and I've even had a Jewish friend who was uncut. So your accusation here is another joke and a farce.

For the record, I hate all religion, but I hate Islam the most... more than Judaism. Islam has even got worse for me lately because I have come to realize it is the truth, which makes it all the more horrible.

Another assertion of yours that "men need to stop crying" is just misandry at its core. All human beings deserve protection.

Furthermore, I have been well advised not to have discourse with you or befriend you, Sir Daniel. I may just take that advice into practice. What's interesting is that you dumped a bunch of unfounded accusations on me, with no argument whatsoever against my claim that "Circumcision" is worse than rape. Don't expect much more from me if you can't back up anything you say with debate and rebuttal.

But I don't care what we agree on in the future. I am nearly certain that you are dangerous, and we will never be friends.

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