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Please help...mods, anyone.....please.

Posted by justincredible on Wednesday, June 17 2009 at 4:17:06PM

Ok long story short my family is trying to have me committed. they have went to the court and all written out statements saying that i admitted to them that i was a pedophile and that they believe i may be a danger to myself or someone else. (i know i shouldn't have told)

i have not been charged nor convicted of any crimes whatsoever and i am not a registered sex offender. there is an "order of apprehension" in which if i'm picked up by the police i will be taken to the court afforded a lawyer and have to see a judge and be evaluated by a psychiatrist.

i came out to my family about a year ago and basically i have been to flamboyant in my actions and what i have told them like going on GC and talking to other peds etc, and now they are turning it all around on me and saying that they cant rest at night knowing i may sexually assault a lg. i work with children through my day job and through the company i run, i also hang out with and have friends who are under 18. all these things my family says are inching me ever so closer to offending. but the fact is i am not going to do that, period.

please help, i've talked to a priest, some friends, i'm trying to talk to a lawyer....and now i need your help.

please respond asap. i need to make a decision asap on this, i am basically on the run, if i get stopped by the police they will arrest me right there.

any advice at all would be greatly appreciated, should i just leave and not go? should i turn myself in and try to work with them? i'm really lost right now, please help.

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