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Posted by lgsinmyheart on Wednesday, June 17 2009 at 7:25:46PM
In reply to Please help...mods, anyone.....please. posted by justincredible on Wednesday, June 17 2009 at 4:17:06PM

Catcher and Sancho - yes, it is possible in the USA (and in most countries) to lock people up in a psychiatric institution without them having committed any crimes or shown suicidal or self-destructive tendencies. And, actually, it's much scarier, imho, than actual criminal charges, because there is no procedural rights for the "defendant" or any semblance of burden of proof for the "accuser" and there is no "time" to serve, they literally throw away the key.


Unless you have the money to pay for a good lawyer to fight this in court, you're gonna be screwed. It is a VERY uphill battle to fight against psychiatric commitment in the USA, and the worst is when your family is putting the request forward (rather than fighting it). And unless your idea of a life is to spend the rest of your life under numbing down, and dumbing down drugs, you really don't wanna be committed.

You will have to leave your state, period. And preferrably the USA itself.

So… step by step…

1) Get a passport. It might be the best investment you ever did.

2) I don't know (and please DON'T post details) how much "incriminating" materials you might have - and I sure don't mean anything illegal, but, rather, evidence you're a paed. So, do you possess things like magazines, posters, movies, music, books, any other art or media, or any other articles related to girls in your aoa or to paedophilia in general?? If you do, you have 3 choices: One, pack it with you to take it to the end of the world. Two, if you have a friend you can trust with this, you might entrust them with at least some of the materials, but beware - he needs to know your plan before you ask, approve of it before you ask, and he has to promise he won't help them get you. Three, get rid of it - all of it. Better yet if you sell it, on ebay or a rl second-hand-items shop, because you'd get money, but in any case, get rid of it, by burning if it turns out there's no alternative.

Hard drives (but NOT cds or dvds) are a special case. If you use a lappy, I suggest you take it with you. If you use a desktop, get the hard drive extracted and immediately sell it to any second-hand-shop. If you know how to do a wipe of it, do it. If you don't, it'll take you more time to learn now, so don't worry. And no, a wipe is not a simple delete or reformat.

3) Get all your money out of any bank accounts you have. For a time, you'll have to live on cash alone. Get a new cellphone # too. But not yet a new device (more on that later).

4) Pack everything you can, as little by little as you can, so as not to arise suspicion, but do it. Most articles are disposable, believe me - you can buy a toothbrush on the road. Clothes, however, are pretty much the most necessary thing.

5) Quit your job at the last day. Make your quitting the very last day, so you get the most pay; but make it an actual quit and don't just disappear, so you can get a reference letter or something, right now. The pretext can be that you applied for a college in another town and they might take you, even give you some grant or something to make it look all the more attractive, but you need to move now. That way you can get both a good letter about you and all your pay. You can tell your boss you're quitting with days on advance, but be sure your last day in the job is your last day in town.

6) If you have a car, drive it to beyond the state line and abandon it there afterwards (if it is 100% yours, you can try to sell it at any used car shop too - good idea for the money). The idea is that beyond the state line, the least you advance with the car directly traceable to you, the better. Alternatively, if you have a friend you can trust with this, you can have them drive you not just to the state line, but much further away; however, you still have to leave them at some point, for the security of both of you. If you do not have a car by either method, then you'll have to use either the bus or the plane. If you have money for a plane, get to Canada directly, because planes have much more reliable lists of passengers, so you'll be much more traceable than by bus. But the bus is a reasonable alternative if you need something cheaper or if you live close enough to the border. Time to talk about the cellphone. Your cellphone is itself traceable by GPS. Therefore, eventually you'll have to buy a new cellphone, preferrably all the way in your new place, so they can't trace you that way. You can sell yours at any point, and I suppose if you're going to be on the road for days, selling it in your own hometown is best. But in any case, you have to sell yours and buy another. But the number change goes before you start leaving, and the device change, after.

Beyond the state line, usually, even if they track you, the commitment order would not apply, because it is not federal anything. However, you are not 100% out of danger. There is no theoretical limitation to applying for a commitment order in your new state, and the court is equally likely to listen, so my best suggestion is, really, move to Canada, where they will not be able to do anything. Procedure is basically repeat after you leave your state, as many times as needed until entering Canada. There, you can remake your life.

I recommend Canada because I am assuming that you speak no or too little Spanish; but if you do, Mexico is obviously an option too. And no, don't tell GC either, at least not until you're there ("I am in Canada" "I am in Mexico" not "I am going to…").

I would also suggest you, if you take this advice, that you stop using this nick as soon as you are in your new life stage, closing with the post announcing it, and if you want to stay, register another, telling the mods "hey I am Justin and I want to register my new nick as ****".


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