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First GC post 2022 - An invitation & an exodus

Posted by GL_in_lyrics on Saturday, January 01 2022 at 00:00:21AM

Don’t let the silent winds deceive you... I’ve always been around, lurking, thinking. There hasn’t been much to say... until now.

I am an anti now. And a tranny. I’m coming to cut off all your pedo penises, because it’s the feminist thing to do!


But that’s still a great summary of how I feel about such beliefs. Feminism remains a joke to me. And there are still the 3 big names that I’m sure of:

- Organized religion is corrupt.
- Unwilling, unconsenting “circumcision” of anyone is wrong.
- Pedophilia is a great thing.

As for other beliefs I’ve talked about, some of them have again changed for me. Many of you have come to know me as a Satanist. That’s basically changed. I’ve become more neutral between “God” and “Satan”. I’m not really sure what side to take, if any. The only thing for sure, is that I only want to worship my little girl goddess of spirituality.

But... why this change?

Obvious Satanic cabal is obvious. You know who you are.

I don’t want any part of it.

Oprah. The Clintons. Obamas. Now... Bill Gates is even pumping money in to fuel the feminist institution of male genital mutilation (MGM). The conspiracy is evident on so many different levels. It isn’t just about MGM though. But c’mon. The harms of such practices are perfectly clear.

(Feminism is STILL the world’s most dangerous terrorist movement.)

I do not know how else to explain why these people do what they do, except that it’s has to be part of some occultist activity. Godly religion does take some of the blame no doubt. But these people don’t believe in God, and anyone who thinks they do is a fucking idiot.

There have been other incidents in my life which have made me think more about Satanism. Most satanists are deeply confused people. I can’t explain about all of this without potentially outing myself. If Genital Mutilation were so godly and religious, you would think almost all satanists would be against it. But they aren’t.

I can think of no better description of Genital Mutilation than: utterly satanic and demonic.

No, I don’t think the Qanon is right. But there are truths in any set of beliefs, or even conspiracies. Certainly... within collections of conspiracy theories.

Genital Mutilation and its proponents are not a conspiracy theory... it is fact, and something that is done openly in broad daylight.

I don’t want any part in you child-molesting, genital-cutting, Killary satanic feminists. You carve your sexual fetishes into children. You get off on this, and are likely attracted to kids as well. Just not the same way I am.

Du. Ich. Wir. Ihr.

Circumcision is still worse than rape :-)
(I’m saying this to YOU... yes, YOU. Hi Hi)
He/she knows who they are ;-)

And... no real CHILD LOVER believes in any form of “circumcision”. Perhaps some confused fringe girl-lovers do, but that’s it. You’re a bunch of offshoots, like the Killarys.

There’s a lot more I could say, I probably want to, and I probably should. I can’t think of all of it right now. But... world events and religious prophecy seem to be moving along fast. Huge things are happening, big things are up.

And that’s got me somewhat interested in the Bible, even Christianity, again. I told this to Hajduk in private someplace.

Now... I can’t make any kind of promises, since no one has ever been able to answer my questions in any decent form. But I would like to issue a friendly, brotherly debate with Hajduk, as well as with any other Christians here. Chances are I would never follow any given Christian sect again, but if my questions were addressed with adequate answers, I might be willing to accept at least, some, praise for the name of Jesus Christ.

I do like the Bible. Or, at least parts of it. Some great story telling is in there. But what I like especially is the sacrifice, and the emphasis the New Testament puts on simply being a good person... even if I don’t agree with all the points on HOW one can be a good person. This is where there is a great contrast, so I’ve found out first-hand, between Christianity and Izlam. Everything in the religion of the latter is about washing yourself that way, this way, every way, killing this person, killing that person, doing this ritual, doing that ritual... all to be a good person. Dress this way, grow your beard this length. There is very little text in Izwam which teaches you just to be a good, kind, forgiving individual. So Christianity wins it out there, by far. And that’s where one of my interests comes from. It makes me think sometimes that there is something to Christianity, and something very superficial, materialistic, even... satanic to Bum-ya-istan.

One interesting thing the $Profit$ MoMo did say was that the Dajaal (Antichrist) will be followed by a great number of Jews, and women. The possible inventors of the penis-cut, and feminists, hand in hand? Who would have thought! This does make a lot of sense, and in some very different ways. There is weight to prophecy.... a lot of weight.

Oh yes, from what I can see currently there are many, many things wrong with Christianity, and even moreso the Bible. I doubt I could ever again believe that the Bible is 100% the true word of God, especially taken literally, and that God didn’t omit any secrets.

One last thing I note about Christianity is that it truly is, internationally, the world’s most persecuted religion. To me, that does count for something, even if it is little.

But... I am reaching out my arm here, seriously and honestly. Help me understand? And don’t be offended with my questions, even if I begin to become seemingly frustrated. I've said to myself, consciously for years now that I would love to believe Christianity is true. There's a lot I miss from it; from having been a Christian in the past. But there's also a lot I don't understand about it, and possibly, a lot that no one can understand.

If my challenge is accepted, I will begin to ask my questions. And feel free to add anything in the mean time.

What a way to begin the new year!


666 (?) > | < 777 (?)

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