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Oh look, I found some

Posted by sans on Monday, January 03 2022 at 01:56:58AM
In reply to LOL posted by sans on Monday, January 03 2022 at 01:20:24AM

I guess they must have been written by the devil to fool us...

Male Circumcision
Susan Blank, MD;
Michael Brady, MD;
Ellen Buerk, MD;
Waldemar Carlo, MD;
Douglas Diekema, MD;
Andrew Freedman, MD;
Lynne Maxwell, MD;
Steven Wegner, MD
Pediatrics (2012) 130 (3): e756–e785.

Major Complications

The majority of severe or even catastrophic injuries are so infrequent as to be reported as case reports (and were therefore excluded from this literature review). These rare complications include glans or penile amputation,198,–206 transmission of herpes simplex after mouth-to-penis contact by a mohel (Jewish ritual circumcisers) after circumcision,207,–209 methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus infection,210 urethral cutaneous fistula,211 glans ischemia,212 and death.213

ScientificWorldJournal. 2011; 11: 2458–2468.
Published online 2011 Dec 26. doi: 10.1100/2011/373829
PMCID: PMC3253617
PMID: 22235177
Complications of Circumcision
Aaron J. Krill, 1 Lane S. Palmer, 1 and Jeffrey S. Palmer 2 ,*

Severe complications are quite rare, but death has been reported as a result in some cases.

4.1. Death

Fortunately, death from neonatal circumcision is fortunately an extremely rare occurrence. King reported a period when 500,000 consecutive circumcisions were performed in New York city without a single fatality [17]. However, a case of a misplaced Plastibell ring which caused complete meatal obstruction resulted in acute venous stasis and subsequent death from sepsis reported by the Ontario Pediatric Death Review Committee in 2007. In this situation, prompt recognition of the obstruction is critical and primary management should be immediate removal of the Plastibell ring and catheter placement [18]. There are other reports in the international literature that describe mortalities from tetanus as a result of circumcisions performed under nonsterile conditions. Bennett et al. reported that topical antibiotics could decrease this risk of neonatal tetanus 4-fold [19].

Severe complications are quite rare...

(Elaborates in some detail about this)

Babies often die, or have botchings, from these "circumcisions".

Yep, bullshit.

That leaves your claim as to:

Many men feel traumatized from having had their genitals mutilated, there are even men who commit suicide because of this.

Which I can deal with later.

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