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The Theory

Posted by GL_in_lyrics on Saturday, January 01 2022 at 0:58:22PM
In reply to First GC post 2022 - An invitation & an exodus posted by GL_in_lyrics on Saturday, January 01 2022 at 00:00:21AM

So the theory I have been thinking about involves Jesus as the saviour who died for our sins. It also involves Judaism, which, at no point, was the "one true chosen" religion.

Let me explain.

So... my dad once told me, quoting from elsewhere, that the Old Testament is man searching for God, while the New Testament is more like God searching for man. This is a beautiful way of putting it. Could this, perhaps, be more true than just a nice parable?

To begin,
Let's pretend for a second that before Christ there were many different religions people invented to search for God, our creator. There were all sorts of spiritual and prophetic encounters in various religions. And let's not forget that in reality and history, many religions collaborate certain events of the Old Testament, such a regional, or even worldwide flood.

Let's say that none of these religions came that close to the truth, some only more than others. Sin, greed, and selfishness created evil and drove humanity further from God. This allowed evil forces to sometimes step in and pretend to be God. This is where commandments involving genital mutilation, murdering children, and rape came from. Perhaps it was Satan who commanded these things, and possibly the order for Abraham to sacrifice Issac? Perhaps God himself stepped in at that moment, and nullified this order?

(As par the above paragraph, I do not know how else to understand such commandments from a Christian POV. I've heard attempts at answering this type of abuse coming from the creator, but nothing ever satisfying. I'm open to suggestions.)

God, the creator, viewed a certain religion, Judaism, as closer to the truth than any other religion existing in the era where it was time to send a saviour to die for our sins. The saviour had to be born somewhere, after all, to some nation and religion. So the saviour came into the world born to a Jewish family, and God scripted his life as the Jewish Messiah, to fulfill their brutal, unforgiving laws which they had largely invented for themselves.

This is essentially my theory. The only way I would know how to explain much of the weird stuff in the Old Testament. But this theory isn't without problems.

- It means that the entire Bible cannot be the literal word of God. The Old Testament is more of a vague and imperfect account at some of human history, with more of a dictation of what the Jews wanted for themselves rather than what God wanted for humanity. I'm okay with this personally. But I know many Christians would call it heretical.

- It doesn't explain a lot of my previous questions about the NEW Testament. Could it be that the New Testament doesn't entirely reflect God, either, while the power of Christ is the only thing that does? I'm just guessing.

So... this theory essentially sums up my questions about the Old Testament. But I'm open to other theories.

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